Child Obesity Awareness donate

Luvo FOOD will focus on educating children to recognize the dangers in our American food supply and help them understand what whole food and real foods are vs. processed and packaged foods.  Our goal is to lower the childhood obesity epidemic in the US and provide the information necessary to learn how to take control of one's health through proper nutrition.


LUVO Plate

Supplemental Learning Series in DVD or other ‘e-media’ format to be shown in health education classrooms. Supporting material include mini posters that promote supportive nutrition (similar to the food pyramid). Child/parent learning guides, including workbooks written for children and adult equivalents so families can learn together.

LUVO Lunch

School lunches are part of the obesity problem because of the calorie content in what is being offered to children. School lunch alternatives are necessary to combat childhood obesity. We will petition and support schools to substitute some of the more starchy/sugary foods with more nutrient-rich proteins and vegetables.


After school programs that allow children to spend time socialize with other children.  Through the instruction of a teacher, children can engage in group/team activities that teach them how to prepare supportive nutritious snacks and meals, making it fun and easy.

LUVO Health

An education series that will supplement any health related cirriculum.  The focus will be on the biology of the human body and how important it is to eat real/whole foods vs. those foods that are pre-processed and full of harmful chemicals.  Through the education of nutrition, children will be able to look at the ingredients of a food product and decide if it is healthy for them or not.




recognizing pain and fears, and demonstrating how to do the right thing in the face of opposition, negativity and pressure.


the ability to believe in oneself and develop inner strength.


understanding and having empathy for others.


identifying and using one’s talents to create meaning and value in life.