Bullying Awareness donate

Emphasizing strength in spirit and the ability to overcome, Luvo COURAGE programs will focus on mitigating the effects that bullying has on our children and help both the victim as well as the aggressor. Too often, the bully gets the attention, which is a cry for help and the reason for the aggressive behavior. In most cases, the victim gets verbal reassurance that something will be done, to comply with a Zero Tolerance Policy, and the victim is left to cope with his or her own feelings. Current methods to prevent bullying recommend that children ‘stick together’ because there is safety in numbers. This is a good start, however, it does not address the victim's ‘self’.

LUVO Bench

A "Friendship Bench" designed to engage the bully and his/her victim in a face-to-face mediation exercise, monitored by a school administrator. The idea is to get the bully to feel empathy towards his/her target but also to teach the victim the tools needed to cope with the bullying effects.

LUVO Techniques

Teach the teachers how to address the issue of bullying with both parties involved and mitigate the negative effect it can have on the child. Can be used in conjunction with the Luvo Bench.

LUVO Boost

Web/video learning series to help children recognize their potential and build confidence in who they are.


Afterschool programs that allow children to spend time socializing with other children. Engage in group/team activities to boost their self-esteem and confidence in their acceptance amongst their peers.



recognizing pain and fears, and demonstrating how to do the right thing in the face of opposition, negativity and pressure.


the ability to believe in oneself and develop inner strength.


understanding and having empathy for others.


identifying and using one’s talents to create meaning and value in life.