Founder and Board of Directors

Dave Calus

Founding Executive Director

Throughout his career, Dave has excelled in Management, Sales, Business Development, Executive Recruiting and Fundraising, servicing small organizations as well as the Fortune 500 market. It wasn't until later in life that Dave experienced a breakthrough in his own search for a purpose-driven life, and has since dedicated his time and energy to doing the things he loves. With a passion for health and fitness, personal development and learning, Dave has learned the importance of a balanced life focusing on the mind, body, heart, and soul. As a parent, Dave tries to find the proper balance as a caring, protective father but at the same time being a teacher, coach, and guide to his three boys.  Raised in a family with 3 brothers of his own, Dave understands 'brotherhood' and family values. He knows how important it is to be able to be a 'kid' and how growing up will shape one's future... but he also sees the dangers in today's world which is robbing our children of their youth and potential.

During a rock climbing expedition, Dave experienced a moment of clarity that answered nagging questions "what is my purpose in life? Who am I?" The events that immediately followed resulted in the creation of Luvo Nation Inc. It is Dave's passion for his children, and teaching them the value of a meaningful life that motivates him to make positive changes in our world.

Kristin Parshall


With over 20 years' experience in the Real Estate Industry, Kristin has consistently been a multi-million dollar producer in Residential and Commercial business. As the CEO of Keller Williams Realty Greater Rochester, Kristin established herself as a Global Top Producer and Leader in the marketplace. Her energy, leadership, guidance and direction tripled the agency's headcount, and increased production, placing Keller Williams on the Rochester's Top 100 – Fastest Growing Companies in 2012, the only real estate company to qualify. Her passion for life and family values as well as the local community is embedded in her core values and is reflected in her leadership. As a strong, independent mother of 2 children, Kristin is aware of the issues our children face in our world and has a passion for making positive changes.

Jeremy Havens


Along with a successful career in Real Estate, Jeremy Havens has over a decade of experience in training and development on the subject of Accountability, Goal Setting and Self Esteem.  He has utilized his training in the business world to help employees see the best in themselves and to achieve great things. He is excited to bring his background and training to the world of young adults who are constantly fighting unachievable social norms and expectations. He hopes to help them develop the self-love, self-esteem and confidence to celebrate who they really are and all that they have to offer in their own unique and diverse way.


Kristin Verno Havens


From an early age as a spirited red haired tomboy, Kristin found her happy place through sports, running, playing soccer on the boys’ team and keeping up with her older brothers. As the teenage years hit, she was acutely aware of girl drama at school and societal pressures in the media of what girls ‘should be’. This lead to a degree from Colgate University in Women’s’ Studies which a focus on empowering young girls to let their voices be heard.

Professionally, she has excelled in a 20 year NYC based career in Advertising and Media Marketing. She has combined her passion for Health and Fitness by working with female empowering brands such as Shape Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and most recently Glamour, Teen Vogue and Self. Through the evolution of her career, her expertise has expanded from print magazines to digital and social media, with a keen eye on how social media has impacted the self-confidence and challenges in young girls’ development. 

Her personal goal as a mother is to instill in her children how to be their best selves, fuel their bodies with proper nutrition and develop internal strength and acceptance of their unique individuality. In her free time, she enjoys coaching her son Jakes soccer team, mentoring her daughter Taylor’s’ Girls on the Run group, playing in the woods with her spirited son Luke and working out in the gym with her husband Jeremy.







recognizing pain and fears, and demonstrating how to do the right thing in the face of opposition, negativity and pressure.


the ability to believe in oneself and develop inner strength.


understanding and having empathy for others.


identifying and using one’s talents to create meaning and value in life.