LUVO SMART: Customized programs to maximize a child's learning potential.
LUVO COURAGE: Using empathy to instill courage and confidence to combat bullying.
LUVO PLAY: Athletic programs to improve the physical health in children.
LUVO FOOD: Taking on childhood obesity health issues through proper nutrition and guidance.

LUVO NATION: Smarter Solutions for Serious Childhood Challenges

Our children increasingly face serious issues: bullying, obesity, depression, anxiety, learning challenges and more. We are losing our kids to violence, drugs, youthful pregnancies, multiple addictions… while focus, creativity, test scores, and brighter futures are lost.



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Children are a precious gift and we are obligated to fix their broken world. This moral and social responsibility is the purpose of Luvo Nation – an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization. Dedicated to empowering children and permanently improving their mental, emotional, physical growth and personal development… We will make a difference, and we need your help to make it happen.

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Learn More About Our Four Critical Initiatives


LUVO SMART - Because each child learns differently

Providing supplemental learning assistance programs, customized to each child, to unleash their creativity and potential. All children learn differently and at their own pace, yet most get lost in the current system.

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LUVO COURAGE - A value-add to any Zero Tolerance Policy

Rather than targeting only the bully, or simply reassuring the victim, this initiative brings new concepts in mediation, behavior modification, confidence and self-esteem to bullying mitigation.

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LUVO PLAY - Kickstart your health and fitness

Many children are addicted to screens, while their activity levels plummet. Lack of exercise creates metabolic syndrome issues at alarming levels. Smart, effective athletic and recreational programs combat this epidemic and elevate fitness in powerful ways.

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LUVO FOOD - Fighting childhood obesity

Awareness, education, and the know how to empower better health through proper nutrition. Through engaging videos, school meal alternatives, and after-school programs, childhood obesity and related diseases like diabetes can be reduced.

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recognizing pain and fears, and demonstrating how to do the right thing in the face of opposition, negativity and pressure.


the ability to believe in oneself and develop inner strength.


understanding and having empathy for others.


identifying and using one’s talents to create meaning and value in life.